New Public Charge Rule

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reglamento de Carga Pública

On October 15, the Department of Homeland Security’s new “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” policy will go into effect. This final rule applies to those seeking (1) admission through consular processing, (2) adjustment to green card status while in the U.S., (3) extension of their nonimmigrant visa stay while in the U.S., and (4) change to a different nonimmigrant category while in the … Read More

Nuevo reglamento de Carga Pública

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reglamento de Carga Pública

A partir del próximo 15 de octubre entrará en vigencia la nueva política de “carga pública” del Departamento de Seguridad Interior, la cual determinará la aprobación o no de visas y otros estatus migratorios. Quienes aspiren a vivir de manera legal en Estados Unidos, ya sea como residentes permanentes o temporales, deberán demostrar que tienen recursos económicos suficientes para vivir … Read More

Competing and Training in the U.S. in an Olympic Year: the P-1A visa

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the P-1A visa

The Olympic year is almost upon us. 2020 seemed distant not so long ago… In Rio 2016, Michael Phelps swam his last race ever, Katie Ledecky became a household name, Simone Manuel made history while simultaneously and rightfully burying an unjustified stereotype in gold medal style, Anthony Ervin won the sport’s most furious race by the slimmest margins, and Kyle … Read More

New cutoff dates and retrogression in employment-based immigrant visas

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employment-based immigrant visas

All employment based residency categories (Green Cards) have annual quotas on the amount of Green Cards issued in a year.  We are able to track the movement and availability of these categories through a monthly Visa Bulletin, which identifies a Priority Date.  The Priority date refers to the availability of a green card in specific categories.  Usually, priority dates for … Read More

Validity of Venezuelan passports extended – what you need to know

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Venezuelan passport extended

On June 7, Venezuela’s National Assembly published a decree signed by Interim President Juan Guaido, to extend the validity of Venezuelan passports for an additional five years past their printed date of expiration. Passport renewals in Venezuela are nearly impossible because of the high cost of the document, lack of primary materials to make new ones, and other actions taken … Read More

Why Is Your Immigration Case Taking So Long?

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Immigration Case Taking So Long

USCIS Processing Delays Have Now Hit Crisis Levels AILA, the national bar association of immigration lawyers, comprised of over 15,000 members located in every state in the U.S. and worldwide, has put together some useful information for those experiencing immigration-cases approval delays. Why Hasn’t Your Case Been Decided Yet? Nationwide, you and millions of families, businesses, and people applying for … Read More

Bratter PA office in West Palm Beach, now open to the public

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Bratter office West Palm Beach

In 2016, Bratter PA Immigration Law Firm opened a private office in West Palm Beach, with areas of focus in financial technology and the arts. We are now pleased to announce that on May 10, our West Palm Beach Office will open its doors for the first time for public consultations. We are excited to offer our services to the … Read More

Joshua Bratter, the top startup immigration attorney

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Immigration visas for startups demystified

What’s up with immigration visas for entrepreneurs? Is ‘startup visa’ coming back? Anybody really keeping up with the current immigration system? In this episode of Valley Talk, the Silicon Valley talk show about growing a startup in Silicon Valley, producer and host Sylvia Gorajek talks to top startup immigration attorney Joshua Bratter about immigration and startups. Immigrants have founded 51% … Read More

Bratter PA & The Impact of Immigration Law featured in SwimSwam

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Countless elite international swimmers and coaches who are training and competing in the United States have worked with Joshua Bratter and Bratter PA to secure immigration status and residency. He is simply the ‘go-to authority’ in the field for swimmers who desire to come to the United States. Click here to read more on the issue.