Israeli Citizens eligible for E-2 Investor Visa

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Israeli Citizens eligible for E-2 Investor Visa

The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv has announced that a treaty investor agreement (E2 Visa) has been ratified between the United States and Israel. It will become effective as of May 1, 2019. Israelis wishing to invest funds in a business in the United States will be eligible. The E-2 investor visa allows a national of a treaty country to … Read More

Joshua Bratter, the top startup immigration attorney

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Immigration visas for startups demystified

What’s up with immigration visas for entrepreneurs? Is ‘startup visa’ coming back? Anybody really keeping up with the current immigration system? In this episode of Valley Talk, the Silicon Valley talk show about growing a startup in Silicon Valley, producer and host Sylvia Gorajek talks to top startup immigration attorney Joshua Bratter about immigration and startups. Immigrants have founded 51% … Read More

Bratter PA & The Impact of Immigration Law featured in SwimSwam

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Countless elite international swimmers and coaches who are training and competing in the United States have worked with Joshua Bratter and Bratter PA to secure immigration status and residency. He is simply the ‘go-to authority’ in the field for swimmers who desire to come to the United States. Click here to read more on the issue.

The E2 (Investor) Visa and Intellectual Property in Lieu of Capital Investment

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Share this PostThe E2 Visa, The Investor Visa, has historically been an effective vehicle for foreign national entrepreneurs and company owners to both embark on a new commercial enterprise in the United States, and to obtain corresponding visas for themselves, as the principal investor, and to transfer essential employees. Such essential employees must possess unique knowledge of the company, its ... Read More

“Outside of the Box Thinking” In the Diagnosis of Immigration Strategies

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“Outside of the Box Thinking” In the Diagnosis of Immigration Strategies   In the world of H-1B Quota limitations, it is becoming increasingly necessary for immigration practitioners to employ “outside of the box thinking” in diagnosing immigration strategies for prospective nonimmigrants. Traditionally, the linear world of immigration processing saw the immigration evaluation of a prospective client as a relatively formulaic … Read More

Tectonic Shifts in the Adjudication of Extraordinary Ability Petitions for Athletes

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The author, Joshua P. Bratter, Esquire, has been representing extraordinary ability athletes in the O-1 and EB11 Classifications for 17 years, and presently represents Olympic Medalists, World Record Holders and National Champions.   Recent trends in the adjudication of extraordinary ability petitions for athletes seems to represent a strict interpretational inclination on the part of Service Center Adjudicators in the … Read More