Bratter PA office in West Palm Beach, now open to the public

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Bratter office West Palm Beach

In 2016, Bratter PA Immigration Law Firm opened a private office in West Palm Beach, with areas of focus in financial technology and the arts. We are now pleased to announce that on May 10, our West Palm Beach Office will open its doors for the first time for public consultations. We are excited to offer our services to the entire client community.

For over 20 years, attorney Joshua P. Bratter has provided exclusive immigration representation to Athletes, IT Entrepreneurs, Artists, Investors and Entertainers.

Mr. Bratter has successfully represented thousands of Foreign Nationals of Extraordinary Ability in diverse fields.

“Our emphasis has always been on EB11, O, P and National Interest Waiver Petitions (NIW) for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability in the areas of Athletics, Arts, Sciences, Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Entertainment” says Attorney Bratter. “We have worked with Oscar winners, Grammy winners, premiere Models, Miss Universe participants, Telenovelas actors, Politicians, and some of the brightest Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the IT Sector”.  “We are particularly excited by the thriving Art Community and the emergence of year-round training opportunities for athletes.”

A growing area within the firm’s practice has been investor visas, especially the E-2 for Treaty Investor, which provides a number of benefits for nationals from over 80 countries, not available with other visa types. On May, 1, 2019, Israel was added to the list of treaty countries.  As a hub for technological innovation, the inclusion of Israel to the E2 Treaty Countries represents a continued focus in the field towards direct investment, job creation and technological advancement.

From the Miami Beach office, Bratter PA represents clients from all over the country. Opening the doors of the West Palm Beach office to the public will allow for closer interaction with the growing and flourishing local community.

“We see the Palm Beach as the natural place for us to grow, as talent, entrepreneurs and investors are moving north” says Mr. Bratter.

Attorney Bratter will be available for consultation in-person at the West Palm Beach office every Friday, by private appointment only.

Additionally, the firm serves as Of Counsel to existing law firms and financial institutions with needs for strategic immigration planning.