Israeli Citizens eligible for E-2 Investor Visa

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Israeli Citizens eligible for E-2 Investor Visa

The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv has announced that a treaty investor agreement (E2 Visa) has been ratified between the United States and Israel. It will become effective as of May 1, 2019. Israelis wishing to invest funds in a business in the United States will be eligible.

The E-2 investor visa allows a national of a treaty country to enter the US when investing a “substantial” amount of capital in an American-based business. The business may be their own company, a startup. or an existing business which is at least 50% owned by the treaty national. Currently, the U.S. has treaties with more than 80 states.

This visa has a variety of benefits that do not exist in other temporary work visas, including

  • No requirement for an academic degree or experience, minimum wage or business seniority.
  • It grants a work permit in the US to dependent spouses and allows residence outside the US. A spouse is permitted to work at any job.
  • An investing entrepreneur may qualify support personnel (both technical and executive) from the same nationality to support the business.
  • E-2 investors may qualify domestic employees for accompanying visas.

No set dollar figure constitutes a minimum amount of investment to be considered “substantial” for E-2 visa purposes. The amount needs to be sufficient to support the likelihood that the treaty investor will successfully develop and direct the enterprise (existing case law has determined the amount can be less than the magic $100,000 threshold).

Over the past 20 years our team has worked with E-2 investors from over 30 countries working in fields ranging from early stage IT startups to fully operational hospitality ventures.

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